The Most Epic Jeopardy! Trailer Ever

I will be adding this trailer to my Youtube channel as soon as I get it edited and ready to upload. As for now, just check out what those at PS3Fanboy say about it.

Whoa, where did this come from? A new trailer, released on the PLAYSTATION Store today, unveiled the brand new PS3 Jeopardy! game. It does everything you'd expect from a game based on the popular TV show, but this trailer does an incredible job of selling the game, thanks to the catchy theme song.

The game teases Trophies, but unfortunately we're not sure if these are XMB Trophies or not. We'll have to wait for official details on that. We love some trivia, and so long as this downloadable title is priced right, we may want to find ourselves in Jeopardy. Now, can we have some more info on Wheel of Fortune?