10 More Tracks Revealed For Guitar Hero: World Tour

While it is all good fun compiling a list of sparse reveals and slowly making our way towards a full set list for Guitar Hero: World Tour, we really just want to know the entire track list by now. It's a simple and polite request, we think, and hopefully the details will trickle in magically. However, until then, we'll have to rely on more short bursts of info.

This time around, we've got another 10 tracks to show off. Nine of which were revealed by Rolling Stone, and the 10th track (revealed in a press release today) is Ted Nugent's "Strangehold" -- which the artist himself will appear in-game alongside Sting, Ozzy, Billy and Jimi. As for the other nine, they're songs from bands like Dream Theater, NOFX, Filter, The Stone Roses (pictured), and Steve Miller. See that list after the break.

[Via Joystiq]
  • Wings - "Band on the Run"
  • Dream Theater - "Pull Me Under"
  • Filter - "Hey Man Nice Shot"
  • NOFX - "Soul Doubt"
  • Rise Against - "Re-Education (Through Labor)"
  • Steve Miller - "The Joker"
  • The Answer - "Never Too Late"
  • The Stone Roses - "Love Spreads"
  • Trust - "Anti-Social"