Siren Blood Curse Goes Blu

Did you buy Siren Blood Curse from the PlayStation Store? If so, you might have noticed the game takes up a ludicrous 9 gigabytes of space and comes in the form of 12 separate files to download and install. What a hassle. Thankfully, SCEE has announced today that it will be bringing the game to the European region on Blu-ray this Autumn. It doesn't look like there'll be any extra features, unless you count saving hours of your life not having to download and install 9GB of data.

Siren Blood Curse is a decent survival horror game, though it's not without its issues. We'll have a review for you sometime soon. Thankfully, a Blu-ray release solves our biggest qualm with the game. If you haven't grabbed it already, it's worth waiting for the Autumn re-release.