PixelJunk Monsters Getting Difficulty Settings, and New Game Modes for Eden

Finding the PixelJunk games frustratingly difficult? You are not alone; the guys over at TheBBPS wrote an open e-mail to Dylan Cuthbert, executive producer at Q-games, humorously complaining that his wife finds PixelJunk Monsters just a tad bit too overwhelming and requests difficulty settings for the game. Cuthbert acknowledges his prayers, stating that an upcoming free patch to Monsters will include the ability to make the game easier, or harder, than the default setting. Altering the difficulty will disqualify you from online ranking though, for fairness' sake.

Cuthbert also hints a similar treatment in form of a new "more namby pamby" gameplay mode for PixelJunk Eden in a future expansion pack. He feels Eden's "controls are too much fun to waste on just one set of game rules."

First off, I would like to thank Jim S. from PS3Fanboy for the messages above.

I have had some problems in PixelJunk Monsters myself, but I have beat a lot of the levels, with rainbows. Its really going to help me out when the patch is released for a lower difficulty though. Then I can finally beat the game. Also can't wait for the new PixelJunk Eden game mode to be released.