Final Fantasy Versus XIII Remains PS3 Exclusive

Not really news per se, but the Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer shown at the DKS3713 party in Tokyo ended with the words "PlayStation 3 only worldwide." So it's nice to know for certain that we have at least one part of the FFXIII series to our greedy little selves. Not to mention Agito coming to PSP. Versus XIII's release date is still very much up in the air, while XIII will be out in Japan next year sometime and a demo will be made available with Advent Children: Complete in March 2009.

The FFXIII series is finally starting to look like a collection of real games, as opposed to concept work, with actual gameplay being shown off at the event. If any sneaky attendees managed to video any of the footage shown, hopefully we'll be able to see it with our own eyes soon.