UPDATE: A Message From A Friendly YouTube User

Just got a message today from a YouTube user by the name of “drogon334” regarded an old video I made on my YouTube account titled, “PSN vs Live.” Let me get straight to the message. Read it below.

Copied verbatim from drogon334’s no subject message sent:

“mate stop chatiin crap man xbox live is $40 a year it doesent cost to play online its free it doesent say in xbox live it isent free because ive played on xbox live its way better than shitty psn xbox live has a better internet service better online play and you can do way more on xbox live its that good even celebritys have xbox live and its cheaper on there and you make your own avatar and stream hd movies on to the xbox 360 and you can watch sky tv on there now theres more to xbox live mate xbox live is the best internet service and its worth paying for and anyone can efford it its like 20p a day so get your self together i hate ps3 fanboys and at the end of the day PC RULES and the funny thing is it took sony a year more to get there internet right even now it isent it can die out any day i know it happend to my friends and me so now you know psn isent worth paying for if it was than they would charge more than microsoft. they would charge like $27 a month like they did with the ps2”

And there you have it… Lots of errors and misspelled words in there, but I guess it still readable. If you want to, head on over to his profile page and comment to this paragraph.

Hope you enjoyed this somewhat humorous post and there may be more to come in the future. Just depends on the fanboys and if they feel like calling me out. Until then, catch me on twitter.

UPDATE: Here is another message he sent to me today. Hope you enjoy this one also.

"why dont you grow up bitch i did'nt say any insult to you shit face xbox 360 is better in every way on xbox live im not a 360 fanboy im actually a pc fanboy but i like xbox 360 aswell ive played on ps3 its shit wii is good and ps2 and ps1 are good i just checked out ps2 internet is free sorry ok ps3 now charge £1.50 a month now ive watch video game history yes microsoft were a failure back in 2006 when they realeased the pro version but theyve fixed it now you dont get rrod anymore un like ps3 you dont get ylod anymore on that now so that says 360 are better now and they dont have blu ray because back when the 360 was realesed in 2005 they had hddvd then now they dont have it anymore you can download hd movies from xbox live and you can do way more on xbox live then psn even the ps3 fanboys have said it now that psn sucks compared to xbox live so shut ya mouth boy.xbox live is worth paying for so is psn but psn isent that good i like pshome thats worth paying now because theres no rrod xbox 360 have out sold ps3 now at the end of the day stop aguring becasue pc rules"