Kojima’s Teaser Site reveals “MASK”

As the weather continues to get worse on Kojima’s countdown site, the Kojima Productions logo in the bottom right of the page now changes into the weird looking mask you see above. By clicking on the new logo that appears, you will be taken to yet another one of Kojima’s teaser sites, this time with the name “MASK.” The keywords for this new page are Hideo Kojima, MASK, game, konami, konami game, KJP, and Kojima Production. My guess is that Kojima may actually be working on two projects at the same time.

Also we now have a clearer image of the supposed Raiden. Seeing the new image though, I now believe that he may not even be a guy at all. My guess on the new cyborg… Sunny. Brown eyes and same features. I know it isn’t Raiden simply because of the eye color. Another guess, just to add excitement to the mix, would be Olga. See the image below.

Whatever is going on here has me going crazy. I can’t wait until E3. Hopefully this thing will end then.