SCENE Expansion Skill and Map Details


We have been hearing lots on the Metal Gear Online SCENE expansion lately and today even more details surface. As said in the last post, your will be able to purchase the SCENE expansion for $9.99 (alone), $14.99 (with MEME), or for your best value, $17.99 (all expansions.) Today brings us some details on some new skills, emblems, and maps that we will see in MGO tomorrow. Check out all the details after the break.

New Skills:


The First of these is CQC (Close Quarters Combat) EX. In order to obtain this skill, you have to execute a CQC maneuver 200 times with CQC Mastery Lv3 equipped. Once you have this skill, your character will automatically counter an opponent’s CQC attack.


You can also gain Toughness, by receiving a knockback, knockdown, or blow away type attack 100 times. Once you have this Skill, your character will be able to endure knockdown attacks and recover time will be decreased.


The third Skill you can gain is Charm, by getting distracted by a magazine 100 times. It’s similar to Mei-Ling’s special skill, where holding the salute pose will have the same distracting effect as a magazine. The salute motion will also change to one of three different exclusive random animations.

New Emblems:

Arctic_Skua Fighting_Fish

There will also be some new Top Elite emblems in the SCENE Expansion. If you earn the emblems, you’ll receive a free in-game t-shirt! Here are two to check out, the Fighting Fish, which you can unlock by playing a series of Death matches, and Arctic Skua, which you can unlock by playing through a series of Solo Capture missions.

New Maps (Details):

Hazard House (HH):

Metal Gear Online SCENE - HazardHouse_01_basement


Metal Gear Online SCENE - HazardHouse_02_1stF

1st Floor

Metal Gear Online SCENE - HazardHouse_03_2ndF

2nd Floor

Metal Gear Online SCENE - HazardHouse_04_2ndFDuct

Duct Area

Outer Outlet (OO):

Metal Gear Online SCENE - OuterOutlet_01_basement


Metal Gear Online SCENE - OuterOutlet_02_1stF

1st Floor

Metal Gear Online SCENE - OuterOutlet_03_2ndF

2nd Floor

Ravaged Riverfront (RR):

Metal Gear Online SCENE - RavagedRiverfront_01_basement


Metal Gear Online SCENE - RavagedRiverfront_02_waterway


Metal Gear Online SCENE - RavagedRiverfront_03_1stF

1st Floor

Metal Gear Online SCENE - RavagedRiverfront_04_2ndF

2nd Floor

Metal Gear Online SCENE - RavagedRiverfront_05_3rdF

3rd Floor

It’s all looking so great. Don’t forget to start up your PS3 tomorrow and buy all three expansions for a great deal at $17.99 on the Konami Store.