PAIN Now Online; New Pack As Well

PAIN Fortress

Idol Minds have been asked by their fans to bring PAIN into the online world and so they did. With things flying all over the place and explosions going off, we all know this wasn’t easy for them do something like this. Well, they pulled it off and the patch that adds the online feature is live right now. It is free, its has text chat and voice chat, and it is awesome.

Jason Coker also tells us there is a new pack (Smack Pack) about to drop which will include the Darts and Fortress game modes. In Darts, instead of just launching straight into an oversized dartboard, you will launch yourself toward a giant sticky billboard with multiple bullseyes painted on it. In the process of doing this, you will grab another character, or bomb, and throwing it at the billboard, while your opponents get the pleasure of throwing in distractions to completely ruin your flight to victory.

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PAIN Darts

In Fortress (shown in the top image), you will be facing up to three other players, each of you with a “giant fortress on a floating platform in the sky.” While on offense, your task is to destroy another players fortress by throwing bombs at them. Do as much damage as possible because the more damage done, the more points it will cost the player whose fortress is being damaged. When your score reaches zero, your out. At the start of each game, each player gets to choose their defenses which include things like: “reinforcements that toughen up your walls, to flying mailboxes and cereal that knock launching enemies out of play, to blue screens that fly up and take out enemies and/or their projectiles.”

Although both of these game modes sound like more of multiplayer type modes, they will also be playable offline. Of course the gameplay will change up a bit, but I’m sure it will still be fun to play.