GDC 2009: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 DLC Exclusive to PS3

Joystiq was given the opportunity to ask Yosuke Hayashi, the fresh new face of Team Ninja, some questions at GDC today. Their first question about DLC to Mr. Hayashi was, “will the PS3 have any?” Hayashi replies saying that were "very serious about coming up with new content to be available as DLC” and that he hopes he can have more details to share soon. The second question asks the following: “can current owners of Ninja Gaiden 2 on Xbox 360 expect to find any of the new enhancements – notably the "refined camera" and new multiplayer co-op functionality – available as DLC in the future?” Hayashi needed no translation, guessing he understood the Xbox 360 words, and replied with this:

Sorry, early adopters, but Tecmo's "ultimate" Ninja Gaiden experience is "only on PlayStation."

Looks like Tecmo is more interested in making its PS3 fans happy, but hey. 360 fans have had their share of exclusive DLC as well, so no hard feelings? I’ll have a trailer up soon.


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