Fanboy Wars: LOLWAT?



I hate fanboy wars mainly for the reason that people try to defend a company that will not do the same for them. In doing so, they always get facts wrong and both parties undoubtedly end up being defaced. At the thought of a perfectly functional forum post becoming a fanboy war, my palm is usually placed on my face while “seriously, W-T-F” is muttered.

Today and today only, you’ll be able to hit the jump and see firsthand some of the silly things people say out in the scary world of forums! Enjoy.

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xbox is champ of this generation. IT has more exculsives than ps3 and a has better online mode. O ya and for the person who was talk about playing a movie off a usb, xbox can stream a movie straight from a computer. I think that is much easier. Xbox also has the feature to burn retail games on the HDD so it can load quicker and be quieter, so it won't sound like a "freaken Power Generator"


-Better online mode? Prove it.
-Xbox can stream movies from a computer? So can PS3 AND Wii.
-You can burn games to your HDD? I don't believe you are burning the game, but rather installing it. Performance gains are about 1.7gb/ minute. Also, Wii (to a leser extent) and PS3 can do that as well.
-Have you heard what a PS3 sounds like when those fans kick up to 100% speed?




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LOL. Everyone is on the 360 bandwagon because it supposedly has better graphics, games, and a better online service. But really PS3 has the better hardware and graphics. What good games does the 360 have besides Gaylo 3, and Gears of War? And how does XBOX 360 have a better online service than the PS3 when you have to pay $60 every year when the PS3 has a free service and we still get movies and games. Plus we got themes. The PS3 is also a very good media center and a web browser unlike XBOX 360.


-Halo 3 and Gears of War are bad now? When did that happen? If those don't fill your cup, I can name 10-15 other exclusive titles that should fill it for ya. Define "better games" and then talk.
-$60/year? XBL Gold is ~$50 retail, and usually includes ms points, a headset, or a number of other accessories. I opted to buy my subscription alone and only dropped $30. Again, define "better online service" (without including cost unless you can determine value/ dollar, probably not).
-Themes are also on XB360. Most are even dynamic/ animated
-XB360 was actually designed with being a windows media center extender in mind, and thus has windows media center built into it. WMC undeniably has far greater features than the PS3's media capabilities; try it yourself.
-I like the PS3's web browser. That's all I have to say about that lol =p



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Of course a 360 fanboy would say such a thing. How has it beaten the PS3 so many times when your console is already at its limit? PS3 has better hardware and features to me hands down. Especially after I have played both, you can see a major difference between their power. And how can a 360 take over the world when 75% have a failure rate and the other 25% explode? Microsoft a.k.a. Moneysoft has been hustling you XBOX 360 owners from the beginning by not fixing the "Red Rings of Death" before they sell them; that you XBOX 360 fanboys have to buy a new 1 every time it fails. Too late for that, since they are trying to fix it. By the way, have you ever heard a PS3 fail like that everyday? No. PS3's are made to take punishment from gamers. XBOX 360 gets fatigue too quick. CASE CLOSED FOOL!
P.S. We get free internet unlike yall fools that pay $60 and we have a good web browser.


-XB360 at it's limit? Of course a PS3 fanboy would say such a thing!
-You can see the PS3's power over 360? Only comparing cross-platform games, most 360 games actually have better Anistrophic filtering, anti-aliasing, and depth of field. Of course, none of those things can really be used to determine if a game is better, since games first developed on PS3 tend to sway more in PS3's direction as well, with better lighting, higher resolutions, and texture detail.
-I'm not sure of the failure rate of 360's but I've had a RRoD myself and so have 4 of my friends out of 6 that own one. We all had our consoles replaced free of charge, even shipping costs payed for (Launch day consoles like mine no longer have the extended warrantee, which makes it a little scarier). Also, 25% explode? 1 out of 4, really?
-Again, check out the price of XBL Gold, it's a good bit less than that.
-I like how you conveniently forgot that the PS3 has had it's own share of hardware failures. Remember that whole deal with the bricks from a FW update? The yellow light of death?

I just don't get what it is that causes people to want to dissuade people from buying a game machine that they think is inferior. Could it be that you are insecure about your respective console's popularity being less of the other? I don't think anyone on these forums happens to be a member of either system's marketing team, so why do you spend so much time trying to do their job?