Burnout Paradise: Toy Cars tomorrow

Burnout toy cars

Although it has already been over a year since the game hit store shelves, Criterion’s Burnout Paradise is still doing donuts in the streets of PS3’s racing genre. Most of its success has been brought about by the developer’s continued support and always changing gameplay due to a never ending flow of add-ons.


First out was the Cagney Pack - new cars, paint schemes, custom soundtracks, and overhauled ranking system. Then there came bikes which brought about 90 new race events with them. After those were the trophies, and recently the Ultimate Box, packaged with all previous updates and the newly released Party Pack. In 2009 Criterion have decided to finally charge users a price for “premium” DLC. They released the Legendary Cars pack with four new cars, including the ‘88 custom, a Back to the Future-esque hovering car.


Tomorrow, Criterion are ready to unleash another variation in Paradise’s gameplay – Toy Cars. Yes, toy cars will being blazing the streets alongside those hovering machines and hot rods. There will be 9 new cars, based on earlier models, but a little more plasticy.


I love what they are doing with this game and am definitely looking forward to some of the packs they have planned for the rest of 2009, like Boost Specials, Big Surf Island, and Cops and Robbers. With all of this support for a game, Criterion have set the bar high for DLC. Now, let’s see which game will set the bar even higher.