Impressive LittleBigContra compellation? Check.


A team of various members of the NeoGAF forums have combined their powers to form an amazing compellation of levels from the classic NES game, Contra. What was previously impossible, is now possible due to the addition of the “Paintinator” in LittleBigPlanet. If you want the maximum enjoyment from this, you’ll want to play all eight levels which have been meticulously carved from the game’s very own Create mode. You can search for all the levels now,  from the list below.


Jungle: MisterAnderson - PSN: Leonidas2123
Base 1: Orz- PSN: SaitoHalifax
Waterfall: PSN - RyanardoDavinci
Base 2: Orz- PSN: SaitoHalifax
Snowfield: PSN: NinjaMicWZ
Energy Zone: El_Beefo - PSN: El_Beefo
Hangar: Jaeyden - PSN: Jaeyden
Alien's Lair: Donkey Show - PSN: gevurah22

Hopefully these will stick around for a while. We all know how stuff like this has gotten the banhammer lately.