Prototype is “all crunch but no munch”

We haven’t had much news on Radical’s third person open world action game, Prototype, for quite a bit of time now. Last year’s GDC was the last we heard any news from this title. With this year’s Consumer Electronics Show almost over now, and Activision Blizzard taking over publishing, some news of the game has finally surfaced.

With the newly revealed rerelease date, also comes a new trailer and some screenshots for the game. In the above trailer we see the game’s protagonist, Alex Mercer, talking about his abilities to absorb people’s memories, abilities, and identities.


During the show, Nick Chester of Dtoid had the chance to see a live demo of the game, sitting alongside the president of Radical Entertainment himself, Kelly Zmak. During the demonstration, Zmak often used the word “consume” to describe Alex Mercer’s ability. He then quickly reassured that Mercer was not a cannibal and would not be gnawing on the raw flesh of his victims.

"Prototype is all crunch but no munch," claimed Zmak.

“After seeing it in action, I get exactly what he meant.” explains Chester. “In one instance, Mercer snuck up behind a soldier, gripping him around the throat before tar-like tentacles emerged, wrapping around his prey. In an instant it happened -- the tentacles tightened, snapping the soldier, exploding him in a puff and splatter of blood. The soldier had essentially disappeared; Mercer had "consumed" him.”