Crank 2: High Voltage trailer is electrifying

[Warning: There’s some strong language in that, Linkin Park]


First off, I will admit; I am a huge sucker for Jason Statham films. Although some of the earlier works he was featured in may not have been as top notch as the more recent bits, I have yet to be unimpressed with his outstanding work as an actor. Statham has accomplished more in just a few years than most actors have accomplished in over a decade.


This movie is the sequel to the 2006 Crank. The first title featured many elements of a fast paced action movie, yet still keeping a sense of humor about it; this by no means makes this a family or kid friendly movie, though. In Crank, the lead Chez Chelios was faced with being injected with a heart stopping drug that would kill him in less that a day. In order to survive, he must do many zany things to keep adrenaline pumping throughout his body. Crank 2 will retain much of the same style, except this time Chelios has had a heart transplant gone wrong and needs to keep his artificial heart going by providing a constant supply of electricity to his body. By the looks of the trailer above, this one’s shaping up to be another crowd pleaser.