PSGoBB Planning To Redesign


Yes, its true… Those who run the blog through Firefox have no reason to complain, however, those who use Internet Explorer and Chrome are having some difficulties with the blog. Since we all care about each and every one of our readers, we have a plan to redesign the blog to work in all browsers and be centered. The design we are looking for is to be simple, unique, and, of course, working in all browsers like I said above. So, why am I telling you this you may ask.

The reason I am posting this is because none of the blog editors are great coders, however we have great designers here. As seen in the image, we need your help. If you know of anyone who can code an xml template or maybe you can do it yourself, please get them to contact us at our email:
Hopefully the new design will fulfill everyone’s desires. (Any suggestions? Post them below.)