LittleBigPlanet Glitch Erasing Saved Data

lbp-glitch We were all very happy when the “Big Wheel” glitch, but now it seems there is another roaming around in Sackboy’s world. This glitch causes you to loose saved data from the game. Here are two who have had problems with this glitch.

"I've completed all five acts, and when I turned off the power and played again, all that was unlocked was Act 1-3. However, my scores from Act 4 and 5 were still in place-- it's just that I need to unlock them all over again as well as collect the prize bubbles," says SuperPhillip.

"I lost four costumes and she lost all 12 of her saved costumes, as well as losing the level status. Also we found that all of our community and saved photos were erased too," says justsayno2girls.

No idea on what exactly is causing this yet, but we sure hope that Media Molecule is working on a fix right now. Just hold tight and I believe they will have this fixed soon.