Playstation Network: Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom


Publisher: TikGames/Creat Studio

Release: TBA 2008

Genre: Board

Description: Ancient Wisdom is pretty much a traditional game of Mahjong where you match pairs of like-patterned tiles together to see them disappear from the board. Your goal in the game is to uncover and match the final two tiles on the board. You can select tiles by simply moving the stick or D-Pad around until the tile in which you would like the select is highlighted. Also in this game you will find a “Motion” mode which will make it much more exciting. While having the standard board upon your eyes, a conveyor belt of tiles that moves around the screen’s border and slowly heads towards the mouth of a dragon. As the tiles on the conveyor belt move around the screen, you will have to use them to prevent them from being eaten by the dragon. There are more modes and details about this game over at IGN if you would like to learn more.