Prince Of Persia Pre-Orderers Get Free LE Upgrade

There usually isn't much of an incentive to pre-order games from shops. Putting down cold hard cash long before ever having the pleasure of owning a game sounds pretty preposterous to some. However, perhaps the pre-order campaign for Prince of Persia will make hard-of-parting gamers rethink their ways.

So, what makes the Prince of Persia deal so good? Well, if you pre-order the game in North America, you'll be treated to a free upgrade to the Limited Edition version. This is the only way to get the LE version, and we must say it's a rather nice way of doing things. Considering that most Limited Editions add on an extra 20 bucks, this free, no additional cost set feels mightily attractive. For the full details on what's included in the LE version, check right after the break.

The Prince of Persia LE will include:
  • Collectable Limited Edition packaging
  • An exclusive look at the making of Prince of Persia
  • A Prima digital mini-strategy guide full of developer's secrets
  • A digital art book
  • The original soundtrack scored by master composer Inon Zur
In addition to the pre-order news, Penny Arcade is set to create a 32-page comic for the game. It'll enhance gamers understanding of Elika and the Prince's relationship. It's not clear whether this will be part of the Limited Edition or not. Prince of Persia is set for a "Holiday 2008" release.