Payton Talks About MGS4 and Keeping MGS Lore Consistent

Ryan Payton has already left Kojima's stable, but that won't stop him from talking more about Metal Gear Solid 4. Speaking to 1UP, Payton reminisces on the development of MGS4, going back to the challenges of tying up all the loose ends and making things stick. "The stories of MGS2 and MGS3 were truly written without any backup measures if the series continued, leaving dozens of confusing and unexplained plot elements in the wake," stated Payton. After sorting through all that, he also took the liberty of "setting the record straight" by imposing a few corrective changes. For example, removing Mei-Ling's Chinese accent because she is in fact American born.

It's tiny idiosyncrasies like that, that have landed Payton in a boiling cauldron amongst so called rabid fans. The very same fans whose reactions were a tad much: "I got dozens of hateful messages from fans including a 2,000 word short story depicting my execution." It's sad to see how one man's work at doing the right thing is reflected so negatively by a blind mass. In the end, Payton's choices were right on the money, and after reading his full thoughts, we couldn't agree with the man more.

[Via Joystiq]