LittleBigPlanet takes a big amount of space: up to 40GB on Blu-ray

Although Sony never introduced it as such, many assumed the Network-friendly LittleBigPlanet would be a downloadable game. That notion is impossible, it appears, as a new interview with reveals otherwise. Media Molecule's Alex Evans says that "a dual layer is 40GB, but we're filling up the Blu-ray. One of the things on there is we're having a lot of tutorial content - basically there are two paths through the game, the player's route and the creator's route."

The tutorial content will be extensive in LittleBigPlanet. "We're filling the Blu-ray up with is tutorials, and a lot of video stuff showing exactly how it's done, it's narrated by Stephen Fry and so on. It's really useful that thanks to Blu-ray we haven't needed to worry about file size, it's never crossed my mind." However, this doesn't mean the game will be bloated when sharing levels and creations on the web: "The game itself and the levels you produce are relatively compact."