Is This One Of Those LittleBigPlanet Billboards?

Last month, we posted about a marketing campaign for LittleBigPlanet which involved spreading hidden yard sign-sized LittleBigBillboards around major cities such as L.A., San Fran, and NYC. The hidden signs are small enough for someone to pilfer and, in fact, Sony encourages you to do so. However, how will you be able to go about your thieving, Fagin-like ways if you have not a clue as to what these miniature billboards look like? Perhaps the above image is legit enough to point us in the right direction.

It sure does look legit; it's got the ladder and lights which match the description. But that's not good enough for us; we need a bit more than that. Let's say ... send us a pic if you yourself find such tiny billboards in your city. We'll also be keeping an eye out over here in NYC. If the billboard is the real deal, then that "October 21" release date plastered on the sign has got us quite excited for next month. See more images here.