How The PS3TrophySupport Youtube Channel Will Work

Many of you may already know about the new PS3TrophySupport Youtube Channel that was created about a week back, but still no videos and you may be wondering why. Well I'm here to answer that question for you.

The account was created and designed almost a week ago from now for one purpose; to help you with your PS3 trophies. In the past week, the PS3 Fanboys team has been decided on how the account will work and we have finally came up with an idea thanks to our newest member of the team, Kris. (Thanks Kris)

How It Works
Instead of just uploading every single trophy out on PSN, we have came up with an idea to help our viewers with what they are in need of. If you are stuck on a trophy that you can't get, simply post a comment on the Youtube Channel or send us an email at
Once you have done that, we will take your request into consideration and try our best to get a video of getting that trophy, hopefully helping you to get your trophy.

We Need Your Help
Yes, that's right; we need your help also viewers. If you have a video of you getting trophies we will definitely be interested in using it if you allow us to.

To submit us a video, please upload the video to a hosting website and send an email to with the URL to the download link in the message.

So now you know a little more about this whole PS3TrophySupport thing and we sure hope to see some request soon. Also, we will be trying to get a video up on Youtube explaining this, so if your an audiable learner, you would probably understand that better than this, so be ready for it.