New Heavy Rain Images

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The upcoming PlayStation 3 game Heavy Rain from acclaimed Fahrenheit and Omikron developers Quantic Dream, has been hidden from public eyes since 2006’s concept video. Since then we’ve only had glimpses of impressive facial close ups, but now we can bring you a little bit more…

…A zoomed out view of what looks like a new character in Heavy Rain, and new supposed gameplay shots of a motorbiker. The visuals are certainly impressive and suggest the French developer might just succeed in their goal to create expressive and emotional videogame characters.

Quantic Dream are aiming to bring PS3 owners something new and exciting, by furthering the story and emotions of the characters during gameplay. There are few details of what this gameplay will consist off, but consider us intrigued. Check out the images in our gallery and if they don’t wow you, they certainly will in movement. You can read more about Heavy Rain and the type of game it will be at this link.

Great looking game. Check out Ripten's image gallery here.