Alone in the Dark "Enhanced" PS3 Version

A big thanks to Majed Athab from PS3 Fanboy for writing this.

Sure, the PS3 version of Alone in the Dark is coming in November, but that's really quite a long time from now. The earliest chance for you to get your grubby hands on the title is this August 21-24 when Games Convention 2008 kicks off in Leipzig, Germany. It'll be the first time for the public to try out the newly "enhanced" PS3 version.

These enhancements, however, can't possibly mean too much considering Atari remains mum on the details. Supposedly, bugs found from the already-released versions of the game (out now on every other major system) should be fixed and "a number of gameplay enhancements" are to be added. In all fairness, perhaps Leipzig will be the time when these new "enhancements" will be fully fleshed out.