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Like peanut butter and jelly, games and rumors just go together in perfect harmony. But we have the scoop on some rumors you may have missed the first time around, so check it. So before you see them on we have them first.

Firmware 2.5 for the PS3 will include a virtual friend that you can change and interact with. The virtual friend will be available in Male or Female form and will interact with on screen like a friend; no word yet has to the scope or limits of this new virtual friend.

With Sony possibly mandating that in 2009 all PS3 games will have to have trophy support a few developers don’t like this and are making plans on not supporting the PS3 platform any longer.

New bill is being introduced in to congress today; in this bill it would require you to show 3 forms of ID to buy an M rated game and sign a waiver too that you accept all liabilities and responsibilities upon purchasing said game.

With the announcement of Pretty in pink and other movies coming to a console near you came news about five other movies now slated for a game time premiere they include Shawshank Redemption, You’re Got Mail, Cable Guy, Pulp Fiction, and Tango and Cash.

Killzone 2 will have collectively over 100 trophies and 50 of them are online trophies you can only earn online.

PSN Video Store will carry Adult rated movies, according to inside informant there is a deal going down with a big Adult Movie studio to supply adult movies on the PSN Video store, in order to do this security on the PSN will be revamped later next year for this and will not allow sub account holders or others to view the material without a access code that will be granted at time of sale, meaning if you lose the access code you are SOL then and have to repurchase the movie again.

PSN Store will have a Christmas sale blow out sale / fire sale, during the month of December at random times select users will be allowed to buy games or content at a real discount from 50% to 75% and this includes the new Video Store content too. This is done to say thank you to all the PSN users out there and to show that Sony does care and respects you for your support.

New ideas surface about a PSN style game, unlike other games on the PSN this will cost nothing and allow users to press their luck and see if could win a prize, from early Intel prizes range from a free game download to a free issue of qore to even a free movie rental or purchase. Other prizes are said to be added like cash and other prizes, Sony is looking for sponsors and to do promotions for this event. The limitations are you only get one chance a week per PSN ID to spin / press your luck on the game board.

Lots of rumors for you. Discuss what you think about them.

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