Overlord II: Are you a jerk, or assh*le?


In the first Overlord, players were able to be “delightfully despotic”. What exactly does that mean? Basically, a jolly green tyrant. Overlord II welcomes in the same sarcastic, zany gameplay as the original, except this time players will be given control of a new overlord and a more powerful army of minions. The game is inspired by the Roman Empire which can be seen as the Overlord attempts to destroy the Glorious Empire as it takes over kingdoms and destroys all the magic of the land.


In Overlord II, players can be jerks, taking over villages to earn rewards. As assholes, you’ll be able to destroy everything in your path, or everyone if you so desire. There’s probably technical names for those but I’d rather not bother with that right now.


There are now 4 types of minions which are stronger than ever. They are the Browns - ruthless brawlers, Reds - the fireball guys, Greens – stealthy ninjas, and the Blues – the healers. You can also control up to 50 of these at a time now, even while they are riding mounts wreaking as much havoc as possible. Minions can “work together now, wear disguises, and control large machines.” If one dies, simply sacrifice a different one to get your favorite back. Also, if you like clubbing baby seals, you should find this game very satisfying.


Overlord II is set to be released on PS3 this June.


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