Trophy List: PAIN Movie Studio

pain-movestudioIf your a PAIN lover and already have all the PAIN trophies or are just tired of trying them because there to difficult, then I have a great update for you. As we all know, the PAIN Movie Studio expansion was delayed a while back, but we think it should be getting released pretty soon. Some more great news is that pulled a sneak preview of the PAIN Movie Studio trophies. It includes 7 new trophies; 4 Bronze, 2 Silver, and 1 Gold. See the list after the break.

Bronze Trophies

  • Helmet PI - Give the Gladiator a ride in the Sports Car
  • Camera Boom - Hit 50 Cameras with Explosions
  • Glass Lass - Break 500 panes of glass with any female launchable in Mime Toss
  • Blockbuster - Use a tank to blow up the Castle Tower

Silver Trophies

  • Street Rider - Use any Street Fighter® character to travel 2 miles while grabbing a vehicle
  • Buzzmonkey - Score 60 Monkeys in Spank the Monkey Painful with Buzz

Gold Trophies

  • Gettin’ Hoff - Use Tuxedo Hoff to get 69 million in any PAINdemonium Mode