Home Extended Beta Rumor

This information is not 100% confirmed, so we will say it's a rumor for now.

As you probably already know, there will be a Home expanded beta opening it’s doors to a group of lucky PS3 owners by the end of the summer. While European Playstation owners have received confirmation E-mails as well as previous Home beta testers, the rest of us are stuck wondering when we will receive our shot to expierence the revolutionary social gaming application. Well, I think I may have the answer you looking for.

Today at 7:50 PM (EST) I dialed the number for SCEA Consumer Support. I was greeted by a woman named Betty. I asked Betty “When is the Home expanded beta going to be released?”. Silence struck my ear for two or three seconds. Then Betty exclaimed, “August 26!”. Could this be true? I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming (don’t worry I wasn’t). I asked Betty the question again and she replied with the same answer. Suddenly, Betty said something suspicious. She said “Oops!”. As I thought in my head what she meant by oops, I started to get nervous. Betty went on to tell me that she wasn’t suppose to tell me that the beta was to come out on August 26th.

After hanging up with Betty I called SCEA several more times. The majority of the representives didn’t even answer my question. In fact they danced around it like it was prom night. At last! Someone actualy gave me a decent answer. A Sony Rep. named Darien said that I can expect the Home expanded beta very soon. He went on to tell me that you can let four other people on your PSN and download the Home Beta Client like you can with games. I cannot confirm this right now but I should have a definitive answer by Saturday night.

I guess we can only wait until August 26th to see if Betty was right. Until then this is TheRookie45 signing out.

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