Hollywood Metal Gear Solid Movie?


No, I am not talking about Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy, but a Hollywood version of Metal Gear Solid. In an interview with Collider.com, David Hayter talks about whats going on with him being involved in the movie. He really seems to be clueless himself about what is going down, however, he does tell us that the movie was put off thanks to some “Hollywood Politics.” You can check out the video after the break.

Also in the video, Hayter says he is writing the Lost Planet movie for Warner Bros. Fun Fact: David Hayter also wrote the first two X-Men and was one of the screenwriter’s for Watchmen. Lastly, he tells us that he is actually going to start his own production company, which in my opinion will probably be a huge success. But for the most part, I am anxious to find out if there will, or will not be a Metal Gear Solid movie being made with David Hayter himself (obviously the best choice) playing the part of Solid Snake.