Trophy List: Burn Zombie Burn!

bzbtrophylist This newly announced game has seemed excited from its start. As I’m writing this, the game is now better due to the trophy list. (Yes more trophies!) It will only have a total of 15 trophies, but that’s just enough to help the rank a bit. The 15 trophies are broken down into 13 Bronze, 1 Silver, and 1 Gold. Check out the trophies list after the break.

Gold Trophy
trophy Friend of d6
All Developer medals.

Silver Trophies
trophy Friend of Bruce
All levels unlocked.
trophy Extinction
100,000 Zombies killed.

Bronze Trophies
trophy Paint The Town Red
Fill the screen with the maximum amount of blood on any level.
trophy Red Shirt
Kill the away team Zombie.
trophy Hot To Trot
Last 30 seconds with 50+ zombies on fire.
trophy Murder On The Dance Floor
1000 Zombies sent dancing.
trophy Brain Surgery
100 Brains sucked.
trophy Texas Style
100 Chainsaw Combos.
trophy Dynami-Te-He
1000 Zombies blown up.
trophy Graduation
Complete Zombie Academy.
trophy Tourist
All Arcade levels unlocked.
trophy d6 Commends You
All Bronze medals.
trophy d6 Respects You
All Silver medals.
trophy d6 Admires You
All Gold medals.