New High Velocity Bowling DLC


It wasn’t long ago when the major High Velocity Bowling update was revealed over at the Playstation Blog announcing trophies and much much more. (View the full post of that update here.) Well, Team RamRod is at it again and they have another update for us. I’ve provided you with a little preview of some content that will be available today for download on the Playstation Store for $0.99 per item. Check out the list after the break.

Foxy Happy Foxys Den 02

Foxy Powers
Foxy Powers is a retro revolutionary, who hails from Oakland, California. She spends her time challenging one sucker after another in her cool, dark den. Foxy has a powerful shot with a good spin. Downloading Foxy also nets you her special ball, “The Revolution” and her new lane “Foxy’s Den” which is styled with funky 70’s disco ambiance and music.

Chastity Alt Spare Change 01

Chastity Falls
Chastity is a talented and enthusiastic dancer born and raised in South Carolina. Her bowling style is to smash the pins using a heavy ball with a decent hook. When you download Chastity you’ll also receive access to her lane, “Redneck Mansion,” as well as her ball, “Spare Change.”

Cobweb Redneck

All Hallow’s Eve Ball Pack
Finally, for the first time in HVB, we are able to offer ball packs! The first one is the All Hallows Eve Ball Pack Add-On! This download gives you access to six different Halloween styled balls including two of our special see-through “showcase” balls.